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Real Estate Success: How To Get Your House Ready For a Showing in 90 Minutes or Less!

Showing and selling a house is stressful business. Not only are you trying to live your life, you have to do it in a house that needs to be show-ready at the drop of the hat. There are lots of resources for home staging and market prep, so I won't cover these here. This article is for when your realtor calls you and says, "We'll be there in 90 minutes. Can we come?" Never say "No" to your realtor. They have potential buyers for your house, and during the drive, he's chatting up your house to the hilt. Even when I was in the middle of a painting project or up to my elbows in a dog bathing experience, my answer was always, "Yes! We'll be ready in 90 minutes." Don't panic. * Light a candle. Some realtors advise against the candle, stating that many buyers are sensitive to scents. However, what if I cooked fish the night before and the house still smells a bit? What if it's been a little too long since I've changed that vacuum cleaner bag? I'd rather a scent of cinnamon or vanilla. 1 minute. * Vacuum and mop the high-use areas. Then mop (or use a sponge) any floors that aren't shining. 20 minutes. * Attack your kitchen. Wipe the counters, put all dirty dishes in the dishwasher, use the miracle sponge on your appliances for a quick wipe down. 15 minutes. * Make the beds, and clear off all bedroom surfaces. This is the time to make sure your deodorant is in the drawer and your clothes hampers are in the closets. 10 minutes. * Bathrooms. This is not the time to clean your bathrooms. This is the time to take your damp towel from your shower and wipe down the tiles in your shower or bath. Also wipe the bathroom counters, sink and faucets. Check that the mirror doesn't have any splash marks. Close all toilets, empty garbage and hang fresh towels. 15 minutes. * Kid's play area, if you have one. I found that the bookcase in my kids' are was always a wreck, but took too long to quickly straighten for a showing. Out went the bookcase, and the books went into a plastic bin. 10 minutes. * Quickly tour your house, looking into every room and closet, to see what a potential buyer will be seeing. Are there any problems? Correct these. 5 minutes. * Turn on all the lights in your house. No one wants to buy a dark house. Open all curtains and blinds, except if they show you something unappealing outside. 5 minutes. * Leave out any paperwork you regularly set out for showings (house plans, property plans, electric bills, etc. 5 minutes. Grab the kids, the dog and clear out, leaving ample time for you to leave prior to your realtor arriving. Now, breathe again and cross your fingers that your buyer loves your house.

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